Music Review "Symphony"

Music Review / Phantom Phunk / “The Unheard Spirit Symphony”

Written by:  Marushka / Nov 15 2015

Harmonic Factory’s recording clients, Phantom Phunk, were just back at the studio finishing their most recent single, “The Unheard Spirit Symphony.” This latest release is a bit of a departure from their other works as it steers away from their trademark spooky sound and delves farther into their pop side. Vocalist, Alex Cheine, explained the song’s sound as “familiar yet original,” keeping with Phantom Phunk’s desire to terminate evil spirits and bad vibes.

“Symphony” is characteristic of progressive rock, combining a level of sophistication in instrumentation that experiments with a very nearly danceable beat. There are moments where the scrappy guitar seems almost voice-like on it’s own but Alex’s voice and charged delivery remain a standout feature of this piece.

The lyrics originated as a poem, written by his girlfriend and are about a bad day. Conversely, the pace of the vocals and the speed of the music drive any underlying negativity away. The music, written by Alex, proves a common denominator between the way he writes and the way he approaches life: “Whatever happens, it will be OK.”

Typical of all the music coming out of this band, this song will require the listener to be more than a passive observer.  It is impossible to pre-judge their compositions because each song provides the opportunity to acquire new ideas and perspectives. The band continues to focus on recording and perfecting their sound and another sneak peek at their upcoming EP will be available soon.

Harmonic Factory’s Executive Producer, Hector Alexander, who is also the lead guitarist in Phantom Phunk, continues to shine in his meticulous attention to detail in the production of this song. His technical skills are only outweighed by his instinctive ability to fulfill the visions of the musicians he works with.

Listen to “The Unheard Spirit Symphony” and other music produced at Harmonic Factory or download from SoundCloud or iTunes. Don’t forget to follow Phantom Phunk on Facebook and Tumblr, or sign up for their newsletter to keep up with their new music, live performances, and more from the band.