Making Their Mark

Phantom Phunk Releases Another Song From Their Upcoming Album.

After releasing Kaleidoscopes, an all instrumental walk down memory lane followed by the heavy guitars and pumping base of Snowy in Florida, where does Phantom Phunk go next? They go inward. From the first sweet strums of the guitar and Alex’s melancholy voice wondering what it’s like to be, you are transported melodically and quickly to another dimension.

In a flash, the music becomes energetic, upbeat and constantly moving. The subtle intricacy of the guitar work melds seamlessly with the bass. The drums keep pace with a human heartbeat while Alex’s voice propels you through the jungle of city train ride, rushing towards a personal journey unique to your own experience. Life. Love.


City of Toronto Archives, Series 1908, S1908_fl0559_it0002


As with other music coming out of this band, it is thoughtful and requires more than a casual listen. Gateways is introspective and socially relevant. It reminds us we are constantly interacting with others. We cannot ignore the plight of our fellow man while on our own quest for answers. We are all heading towards a gateway to our own reality, but there are others along for the ride.

When all is said and done this song delivers.  From the soul-searching lyrics and catchy chorus you won’t stop humming to the impeccable instrumentation, Gateways is just what a true Phantom Phunk fan is hoping for.

Keep watching for the complete and exclusive Harmonic Factory Interview with Phantom Phunk coming soon.  Until then, dance with nature and take care. Everything will be ok.

 Marushka, April 29, 2016